Smartphone can kill you :-

In today’s busy life everyone is connected with technology. So there are so many positive and negative thoughts and rumors about technology. Some people claims that technology can harm humans. But is it true or not? If you are finding the answer then keep reading this article.

Harmful factors of smartphone:-

There are some myths about technology and stuffs. Firstly we talk about smartphones. Nowadays everyone is using smartphones it is the way to communicate with the world. It is true that smartphones made communication better and reduced the way of communication. But some people claims that smartphone is harmful for health. Many of you heard about radioactive waves which are produced by smartphones.

Smartphone can kill you, Harmful factors of smartphone -

There are so many incidents which claim that radioactive waves can kill humans but according to scientists that waves are not harmful for humans. But some creatures like birds can be affected by these waves. There are no proofs that claim radioactive waves kill humans. Radioactive waves could be dangerous but in very negligible amount that we can’t feel that’s why using Bluetooth devices is always better than keeping phone close to your ears. I hope you have got your answer. 

Smartphone can kill you, Harmful factors of smartphone -

There are so many incidents in which people were killed by smartphones. Most of them cause by exploding of smartphone. The main factor which causes explode is the battery of the phone. The battery is made of chemicals which help to store and provide power to smartphone. But sometimes chemicals react with each other which can be harmful. There are so many reasons to explode battery. Most of time battery explodes during charging because of fluctuation in voltage or changes in the temperature of the battery. This is the most common factor which is harmful for humans. To keep safe you have to follow some basic rules which are written in your smartphone manual. 

About Charging:-

Also don’t use your smartphone charger with unstable electric connection. Don’t use your smartphone in high temperature. If we compare the pros and cons of smartphone obviously there are more pros than cons. There are so many profits of using smartphone. Smartphone makes our work easier and faster.

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