Smartphone Photography vs DSLR photography:-

Nowadays everyone is using smartphone. The new smartphones are comes with some great features like great camera and display. Many of you thinks that professional cameras can shoot best photos but it's not true, new generation smartphone can shoot best pictures and videos. Read this article to know more.

Smartphone Photography vs DSLR photography -

Comparison :- 

We can't compare Digital cameras with Smartphone because Digital cameras are specially designed for photography and Smartphone is designed to perform different function in one device. Sensors are used in Digital cameras are large and better performers but in the case of smartphone, camera sensors are small in size because smartphone is an portable device. That's why we can't add external camera lens in Smartphone. In some cases Smartphone performs better than DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflector), but not in all categories. You can Easily carry smartphone in your pocket but you can't carry DSLR in your pocket. You have to carry all the accessories with DSLR but smartphone is packed with all necessary sensors in a single and portable device. New Smartphones are coming with lots of new camera functions which performs better than a DSLR. While shooting in long range Smartphone can't challenge DSLR because of the lens used in cameras. We can change lens of DSLR according to situation but smartphone can't do this.

Smartphone Photography Tips :-

Smartphone Photography vs DSLR photography -

Smartphone cameras are improving day by day. While shooting with smartphone you should keep some tips in your mind. Always clean your camera lens with soft cloth. If possible use tripod for better stability. Never use Digital zoom in your smartphone, it affects badly on your picture quality. Always update your camera app to use new features and make your photos more better. Don't use zoom lens available in market, you can use macro lens instead of zoom lens. Search for Smartphone photography tips and apply it in your work. Click unique and creative pictures. You can create social accounts based on your photography passion. Regularly update social platforms with new unique and creative photos. Instagram is best platform to show your talent to the world. Always use hashtags in your pics and make your Instagram profile public to get more visitors. Hashtags are very effective to get likes and followers. You can also participate in Photography awards organized by so many smartphone brands. IPPA (iPhone Photography Awards) is one of the popular programs. You have to follow their rules to participate and submit your best clicks or Post your Pictures with the specific tags. If you win this competition your pictures will be displayed on their social platforms with your name tag. This will boost your account and you'll be famous. Also you can win some exciting  prizes. This also helps you to connect with so many people around the world and you can increase your engagements. 

Smartphone Shot by Me:-

Smartphone Photography vs DSLR photography -

DSLR Photography Tips :-

While shooting with DSLR you have to care about the camera because DSLR can be easily damaged by dust and water. Repairing cost of an DSLR is also high, that's why you have to care while using it. DSLR is specially used to click some professional pictures and videos. DSLR provides better picture quality with best stability. You can change the lens of DSLR according to your need. DSLR performs better than smartphone because it is specially designed to click photos and videos. There are so many modes are available in DSLR to click better pictures in different conditions. You can also take long distance pictures with zoom lens. You can add physical lens in DSLR so you don't need to use digital zoom, it also helps to improve the image quality. You can also take the wide angle shots with DSLR which helps you to cover maximum scene in one picture. 

DSLR Shot by @pankajkahalekar :-

Smartphone Photography vs DSLR photography -

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