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Nowadays almost every new smartphone is coming with so many features. Most of the smartphone brands trying to add more RAM in their smartphones to compete with others but using more RAM is better or not. Today I'll tell you about smartphone RAM and about their types and features. Read the full article to know more and subscribe to Ved Tech and never miss another update.

Smartphones RAM Types:-

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There are two types of RAMs are used in smartphones. LPDDR (low power double data rate) are used in smartphones. In budget smartphones, LPDDR3 RAM is used and LPDDR4 RAM is used in flagship smartphones. Obviously, LPDDR3 is less powerful than LPDDR4 because LPDDR3 is older RAM and consumes less power. There are so many brands which uses LPDDR3 RAM in their smartphone this is one of the reason why some smartphones are cheaper and costs lower in the market. These brands never tell you about these small but important things in their configuration. 

Smartphones RAMs Reality:-

Normal smartphone users don't know about these factors in a smartphone. Smartphone brands always show about software features and about their good things but they never tell about RAM type and ROM type. They always try to hide these from specifications because it can effect on their sale. I recently bought Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 and even this smartphone has LPDDR4 RAM and this smartphone costs only 15,000 INR for 6 GB/64 GB variant. Chinese smartphones use cheap quality and use old RAMs in their smartphone and sell it, In India, people are crazy about smartphones because many peoples want Quantity, not Quality. These types of brands provide more features in their smartphone but build quality of their smartphones are not that good as compared to other smartphones in this range. Using faster and new generation RAMs makes smartphone performance better and also it performs well with new processors used in smartphones.

My Opinion:-

Always buy a smartphone with the latest RAM and study about that phone before buying. Always give more priority to Build quality of smartphone as well as features and trust me RAMs type matters in the performance of the smartphone. Also, take a look on which components are used in that smartphone, read articles and reviews about smartphone before buying. Subscribe to Ved Tech with your email because we always try to give the best suggestions to our visitors and readers. 

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