PUBG Ban:-

PUBG became worlds most played game on almost every gaming platforms. Especially in India, this game is trending and gaining more users day by day. Most of the Indian Players use a smartphone to play this game. There are so many countries who banned this game to play in their country. In India, PUBG became most played game and the No. 1 game on Play Store. Read this article to know about PUBG ban in India.

PUBG Ban in India:-

Most of the Indian students are playing this game and getting addicted to it. Kids and adults are playing this game at work, school, home and anywhere. Students are distracting from their study because of this game and trying to complete missions of this game ASAP. In some cases, Some kids killed their parents just because they restricted to play this game. These types of cases are increasing day by day in India. To stop this Indian Government could ban this game, but there is no official announcement about PUBG ban in India. Most of the people sharing news about PUBG ban announcement but they are fake ones. In China, this game is banned because this game includes killing tasks which are not legal according to Chinese Government Rules, but in India, there is no like this. 

Recently Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) banned PUBG to play in their campus area. According to Board of VIT, PUBG game disturbs students in the study, students play PUBG in their hostel room with voice chat feature and it disturbs other students studying in the room. This game is an online multiplayer game and consumes more data while playing, students started playing this game on the college WI-FI. College head members suggested students to play outdoor physical games which are good for health instead of playing mobile games like PUBG. But somehow students are still playing this game in the campus area. 

Here is the official announcement by VIT Board:- 

The reality of PUBG Ban news:-

Many people use hacks to play this game, PUBG recently banned around 30,000 players and 16 pro players account just because they used cheats, hacks in the game. PUBG banned almost every cheater, hacker by implementing the anti-cheating feature in the game. This is the real news by PUBG Corporation. But many people are misusing this news and sharing fake reports and rumors in India. PUBG banned hackers not banned the game in India. We've to check every news before sharing it, it is necessary to beware people from fake news. 

My Verdict:-

There are very fewer chances that the Indian Government will ban PUBG in the country because there are huge numbers of players playing this game. Many YouTubers and Twitch players started playing this game on Live stream to entertain people. This game took lead on almost every platform. Even the Indian Government also earn profits from this game in form of Tax. Many players purchases games and spend money to buy skins and other stuff, in these purchases Indian Government adds taxes and earn from games. 
People don't read the privacy policy of this game and let their children play this game. Only 16 years or above person can play this game and it is clearly mentioned before starting the game. Most of the Indian users don't follow the rules, this could be the reason for incidents happened in India. 

Read the Policies of PUBG here:-  PUBG - Rules of Conduct 

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