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Hello Friends, Welcome to Ved Tech blog a place to Learn Technology in Depth. This Blog is about Gadget Reviews, Tech Tips, Software Reviews, Tech Facts. 


About Blog :-

Ved Tech is my dream blog. Here I post articles about Technology tips, Gadget Reviews, Software Reviews, Tech Facts. I started this blog on 2 December 2017 to share my knowledge of Technology. I love Technology and new Gadgets, so I started to share my review and knowledge to everyone.

I always try to make technology more easy to understand for everyone, because complete information about something is very important. It helps you to aware from fake and fraud things available on Internet. Nowadays Technology is like a coin, it has two different sides positive and negative. I started this blog to share positive side of technology. 

The blog is the way to share your talent all over the world. That's what I need in my life. I want to help everyone regarding technology and new gadget. 

If I talk about my earnings from this website, I am not earning right now, doing this as my passion, but I will start to earn in Future. So many plans are coming for you in future. So stay tuned with Ved Tech.

About Me :-


My name is Vedant Kulkarni a Youtuber, Blogger, Entrepreneur. After 10th education. I started Diploma course, but it was not what I want to learn. After 1 year of diploma I left my college and started to learn online. On online I am learning what I like. I was always in search of practical education, Internet solved my problem and now I learned a lot from Internet and my elders. Very big thanks to my parents who permitted me to do this, they are always with me in every conditions. Supported me a lot. 


When I was 4 years old my father rented a computer for their part time work at home. I was very curious about that new thing, what is that, how it runs, which parts are used in that CPU cabinate. There were lots of questions in my mind. My father found something in me and allowed me to use that computer. He told me about about basics of computer and started teaching me. After some time I stared to use the computer. At that time someone told me about computer games and gave me CD Disks. I installed them on my computer and started playing. After few days I don't know how the PC was suddenly stopped working, everyone shouted on me excepting my father. After fixing the issue my father called me and asked about that problem, and I started crying, papa hugged me and and allowed me once again to use the computer. Everyone was shouting on me but my father told every that "Let him learn about computer and new technology, One day my son will be able to fix all the problems that he created today". After that incident I started using computer with freedom and cracked operating system 10 times till today. 
Now I am able to repair computers at home and can solve almost every problem, all credit goes to my father and mother for supporting me. Special thanks to a person who helped me a lot, I can't mention his name but he did lot for me. I collaborated with so many bloggers and Youtubers, got so much information from them.


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